To use the scanner, go to the "scan" menu and point the camera at the product's barcode. CosmEthics will analyse the barcode and retrieve data of the product from the system. Your analysis should be ready in 1 second!


Understanding that finding the perfect product of your choice can be hard, we found the solution to make it easier for you:

For every products, especially products that triggers Personal Alert, Allergen Alert and Toxic Alert, we will provide you with alternative suggestion that will be suitable to your liking.

Product Discovery

Core to our vision is a tailored approach to making suggestions towards healthy alternative products. You determine which ingredients should be screened our of your products. Just add them to "My Alerts", and the recommended products are filtered according to your alert preferences (they are shown in random order). The products you like can be purchased through our app. Just click "Buy online". You will be forwarded to our affiliate partner, who handles your order. We are piloting the affiliate purchases with S-ryhmä in Finland.

Search Tool

CosmEthics has an easy access and simple platform for you to search for the perfect cosmetic product. We categorise cosmetics into different categories: Facial Care, Mouth, Bath and Body Products, Hair Care, etc. You can easily surf and choose products you like best. Remember to check the small icon indicating your product safetyness at the bottom left of the product page!