We advise retailers and manufacturers on consumer safety

Cosmethics Pro helps products manufacturers and retailers find correct formulations in store to match user preferences, allergies, and ethical values such as plastic-free as well as:

  • Ensure the products are safe and meet EU requirements
  • The product's INCI data is correct and understandable to consumers
  • Serve their customers better by offering filter tools for ingredient screening in a web shop
  • Use the CosmEthics database to receive consumer reviews of their products
  • Find the products faster on a shop using Indoor Atlas navigation tool
CosmEthics serves both consumer needs through the B2C app, and businesses via our B2B product and service portfolio

B2B App Solutions

  1. The CosmEthics B2B app is open to full customization to take into account the consumer’s allergies, wishes and other constraints to analyze the product, (using the barcode scanner). The screen displays the analyzed products, and you receive an alert, if it contains unwanted ingredients. Recommendations are made based on activated alerts and your inventory to find the most suitable product for each customer based on their needs. We offer this tool in Finnish, English for your convenience. Other languages such as Chinese and French are also available at an additional fee, if you are interested in serving tourists.
  2. Our B2B customized mobile app offers an ingredient dictionary that links to Wikipedia (where approx. 70% of all ingredients can be found). You tap in the INCI name to get more information. For example, the INCI listing of “Cera Alba” can be tapped, and a translation into common language ‘Beeswax’, appears onscreen. The language of the descriptions is English.
  3. The greatest benefit for the sales staff is that their time is used more efficiently as the analysis will be displayed in seconds on a smartphone or tablet (iPad). Furthermore, it helps the sales staff from being put into a position where they are uncomfortable or unfamiliar with the customer’s special request(s) as the App presents alternative products, e.g vegan or plastic free, if requested. Solutions can be found instantly without having to read through the entire INCI label of multiple products, ensuring the staff to provide the best product for each individual customer at a quick pace. Alert lists are conveniently embedded inside the app on various themes.
  4. Finding the location of the product instore is made with ease as this service guides you to a shelf location. The Shelf location Service uses Indoor Atlas’s magnetic field technology to guide the App user (sale’s person) to the correct shelf.

Conditions for implementation of the shelf location service are delivery of:

  1. The floor plan at street level
  2. The floor plan of the shelves at street level, especially the cosmetics shelves and brand positions

The CosmEthics team will implement the integration of navigation routes and the location of the products, programming and testing.

Product Reviews

The current consumer app has more than 100 000 products, 130 000 users and 1.3 million scans. Each product is eligible for a review — this data is available for B2B customers to use on their web shops or on other product info. CosmEthics does not change the reviews — they are all authentic. An access to the reviews requires of course the particular product to be available on the database. Please read the Data transfer section should you wish to send product data to us.

Web Plugin Tool

Try out the Web plugin Demo

The consumer app has algorithm and a database that scans through thousand of chemicals on each product data. The web plugin tool is an API that works seamlessly with your web shop. The customers entering your shop can enjoy the same filter tools than on the consumer app — customised to your store collection. The purchasing process is faster and more convenient: instead of manually going through hundreds of INCI labels the Web plugin tool will scan for allergens, plastics and chemicals as per the customer specification. This allows finding a suitable product faster.

INCI Dictionary

The INCI Dictionary translates the ingredient label name to its common name (eg. cera alba - beeswax) . Currently serving English as the common name translation language.

Our Services

B2B App

Retail point tool for customer service

Analyse product suitability for the client using :

  • Default alerts (Including Annex II prohibited ingredients in the EU)
  • Free text alerts (Add any ingredients, eg. user's allergen)
  • Ready made lists (Aluminium, Petrochemicals, Fragrance allergens and more)

Customised for the store selection

Recommends only products carried by the store

Translates the INCI name to the common name (links to Wikipedia)

Web Plugin

Display ingredient information on your web store

Tool for the web store API to allow visitors to screen with :

  • Default alerts (Including Annex II prohibited ingredients in the EU)
  • Free text alerts (Add any ingredients, eg. user's allergen)
  • Ready made lists (Aluminium, Petrochemicals, Fragrance allergens and more)

Customised for the store selection

Recommends only products carried by the store

  • New! Product reviews from the CosmEthics community
  • Coming soon! INCI Dictionary translation to the ingredient's common name

US,Australian, and Asian countries follow different cosmethics regulations than EU

Ensure end-users are safe and avoid loss of reputation and legal risks via our legal compliance analysis on cosmetic products

  • Certificate of compliance with CosIng Annex II ("LIST OF SUBSTANCES PROHIBITED IN COSMETIC PRODUCTS") in the European Union
  • Report on non-compliant produtcs to enable recall

Label Check

Checks and fixes common mistakes on INCI names in product labelling

About Us

CosmEthics was founded in 2013. The company headquarters are in Helsinki. The mobile consumer app has rapidly grown and has reached a milestone of 2 million scans in 2017.

Our mission is to empower users to make smart product choices and educate both retailers and users on legal compliance, and cosmetic ingredient safety. CosmEthics' solutions help manufacturers and retailers offer safe and suitable products to the clients — much faster than ever before.

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The Benefits

Label verification service for spelling errors & unspecific INCIs

Represent allergens and ingredients correctly

Get customer reviews from the CosmEthics community

Consumers review products continuously and the reviews are available on the database-unaltered.

"Awesome product!" ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Web plugin services for web-shop

Help your customers choose a suitable product faster, apply filters and display product's INCI data on the web shop

Business app for retailers

- Serve consumers more reliably and faster at the retail point by adopting filters (eg: plastic free).
- Location tool to help find the suitable product on the shelf faster

Product recommendations on the B2B app

If an alert (eg vegan) is triggered on the product, an alert free (vegan suitable) product is displayed below from the retailer's inventory

Sales Team

Katariina Rantanen


+358 (0)50 546 26 26

Saifeddine El Madani

Sales and marketing intern

+358 (0)40 181 29 34

Client Testimonials

What our customers say about us

As a first company in the world the Jolie Organic Health and Beauty has received the CosmEthics Legal Compliance certificate - 100% EU Coslng Annex II Verified Products. The certificate guarantees that Jolie products do not contain EU prohibited substances.

JOLIE - 2017

Our post on this was one of the most engaging posts from us on Facebook and the news got a very positive response from our customers

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