"The mission of CosmEthics is to promote cosmetic ingredient awareness, and help consumers make safe and suitable product choices".

A word from our CEO
Katariina Rantanen
M.Sc (Econ.)

Katariina Rantanen, founder of CosmEthics, is an entrepreneur who believes in purpose-driven businesses that put mission and social purpose first. The company has built an application, which is free for consumers, to help make healthier cosmetic choices by reading the barcode of a product. A native Finn, she was brought up in the UK, and spent much of her youth in the US. She launched CosmEthics in 2013, after living in France, a two year period of both Ph.D research and perfumery work in Grasse. Katariina's background is a Masters in Entrepreneurship, and she has worked in both education (Assistant Professor), venture capital and business advisory roles. Her past also involves voluntary help of cancer patients. Her passion is promoting open data, helping people choose healthier cosmetics, and she promotes strict adherence to legal compliance in the EU regarding ingredients used in cosmetics. CosmEthics was chosen as the "Hottest lifestyle startup trend of 2015", by Forbes, and the company has also received the IBM cloud entrepreneur of the year award in 2015 due to its potential to disrupt the industry. The company is angel funded, and employs six full time employees in Helsinki, Finland.

Our Dedicated Team:
Teppo Hudson
Lead Developer
BA (Hons.) Arts Management
Tiago Sampaio
Full Stack Developer
BSc. in Computer Science & A.S. in Business Informatics
Trang Luu
UI Designer
BA in Business Management
Noora Shingler
Community Manager
Bachelor of Culture and Arts
Victor de Saint Etienne
Doctor of Pharmacy, M.Sc. (Management, candidate)
Liang Zhou
PhD of Neuroscience
Our Crowdworking Team:
Anu Kuttatheyil
Ph.D Chemistry
Jie Liu
Master of Science Toxicology