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    Your Personal Guide to Safe Cosmetics


    CosmEthics helps people make smart product choices tailored to individual needs. Our app allows users to scan the product’s bar code, and cross-references it with our default settings (EU banned ingredients, parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde and formaldehyde releasers, isothiazolinones, hydroquinone and triclosan). You can then read more about these ingredients through the Wikipedia links on the product page. Also the research articles linked with the default alerts are accessible within the app.

    You are able to avoid ingredients based on individual needs such as allergies or specific requirements. This can be done by adding personal alerts with the ingredient INCI name in the settings under “My Alerts”. Users can also add targeted lists of ingredients to avoid, for example “The Vegan List” for people who want to avoid animal based ingredients, or “Plastics” for users keen on protecting the sea environment.

  • Corporate Customers

    Are your products up to date with the current legislation?




    Take action, and remove products from your shelves, that contain EU banned ingredients.


    Our INCI analysis service runs a check on almost two thousand forbidden ingredients, and integrates product feeds for automated checks.


    Keep end users safe!

  • Your Health Matters

    Choosing the right products has never been easier

    Scan the Barcode

    Launch the App and it turns into a barcode reader on your smartphone. Quick and easy to use, you will have an analysis of your cosmetics products in seconds. If your product has healthier alternatives, we will suggest them to you. Easy!

    Personalized for You

    Do you have allergies? Want to find products suitable for vegans? Add ingredients you would like to avoid to your "hotlist", and we will screen for those. Our service suggests alternatives based on your preferences. You can also follow and merge "hotlists", which other people are curating.

    Thousands of Cosmetics Analyzed

    Would you like to know more precisely about a particular product? We can lab test it for you. Vote or crowdfund your most suspicious or frequently used product for precise analysis.

  • Product Database

    Our database currently consists of 40 000 unique cosmetic products, and the data consist of INCI information, image, and product details, such as the product barcode.


    Our data is gathered primarily from manufacturers, retailers and importers. All parties do not provide the product data upon request, so we also enable users to submit their products for analysis via our App. Our users submit roughly 40% of our database growth. Our hit rate of products found upon scanning in the EU is roughly 75%.


    If you are a manufacturer, retailer or importer of products, and wish to give us your product data for full transparency to consumers, kindly contact us here:

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  • Alert System

    Default Alerts

    CosmEthics has seven default alerts, which are linked to research articles and an abstract (overview of research on the hazard ingredient). You will see a red traffic light appear next to the ingredient name, if the product contains an ingredient from the following alert groups:


    - Formaldehyde

    - Parabens

    - Phthalates

    - Isothiazolinones

    - Hydroquinone

    - Triclosan

    - EU Banned Ingredients


    Find the complete list of CosmEthics’ default alerts here

    Ready-Made Lists

    CosmEthics offers eleven ready-made lists. They can be added as a full list in the My Alerts section by clicking on “Add new alert”.

    Currently, we have following lists available:


    - Aluminum

    - Aluminum in Deodorant

    - Plastics

    - Vegan

    - Fragrance Allergens

    - Chemical Sensitisers (Colorants)

    - Chemical Sensitisers (Preservatives)

    - UV Filter Concern List

    - Conscious Consumer

    - ECHA High Concern List

    - Nail Products Concern List

    - Fluorides in Oral Hygiene


    Find the ingredients from those lists here  

    Product Discovery - Tailored for You!

    Core to our vision is a tailored approach to making suggestions towards healthy alternative products. You determine which ingredients should be screened out of your products. Just add them to “My Alerts”, and the recommended products are filtered according to your alert preferences (they are shown in random order). The products you like can be purchased through our app. Just click “Buy online”. You will be forwarded to our affiliate partner, who handles your order. We are piloting the affiliate purchases with S-ryhmä in Finland.

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  • CosmEthics Team

    We employ a dedicated, highly skilled ​full time team in our headquarters in Helsinki, Finland. Our team's expertise covers biochemistry, chemistry, tech and business scopes. Both of our full time scientists have a doctorate degree and broad international research and lab experience. Our founder, and CEO also has extensive experience from cosmetics design and manufacturing in France. We are happy to help you!

    Katariina Rantanen

    Founder, CEO

    M.Sc (Econ.)

    Teppo Hudson

    Lead Mobile Developer

    BA (Hons.) Arts Management

    Tiago Sampaio

    Backend Developer

    BSc. in Computer Science & A.S. in Business Informatics

    Trang Luu


    BA in Business Management

    Noora Shingler


    Anusree Kuttatheyil


    Ph.D Chemistry

    Victor de Saint Etienne

    Key Account Manager

    Doctor of Pharmacy, M.Sc. (Management, candidate)

    Jie Liu


    Master of Science Toxicology

  • We're Hiring

    Disrupting One of the Biggest Industries in the World


    CosmEthics is a small company using big data to challenge the ethics of the zillion-dollar cosmetics industry. CosmEthics uses the power of apps, communities and smart recommendations. To strengthen our team, we are looking for a full time VP of Sales with a relevant Scientific degree (Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Medical Doctor or Chemist) to join our passionate team.  

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    CosmEthics has been nominated for and awarded by several outstanding organizations

    IBM award

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